Ed Everest's Guide to the World's Best Cancer Websites
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About this website

This website was born when I was surfing on the internet and read a post by Jade and she mentioned in the post that her friend Nicole had a problem with cancer and she was sometimes distressed by her situation. Being an enthusiastic user of forums I wondered if there were any cancer forums on the internet that Nicole might find useful.

And so I began what I thought would be about a two hour search, and without knowing it, started along a new pathway, a journey that has led to this website.

Two things soon became obvious as I went from website to website and clicked on link after link.

The first was that there was no simple guide to the various cancer websites and cancer forums on the internet. Persons newly diagnosed with cancer could spend many hours searching the internet for appropriate websites and still not find the best websites for their particular purposes.

The second was that many thousands of people were using cancer forums and finding them a valuable means of exchanging information and gaining much-needed support.

So I decided to develop a simple guide to the world’s best cancer websites and cancer forums and put the guide on the net, and the result is bestcancersites.com.

This website is owned, run and financed by myself, and I have no involvement or affiliation with any person or organisation or website with a financial or any other commercial interest in cancer.

The information and advice on this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.

Ed Everest, 31st July 2006.

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